Conventional products

Most of our vegetables are regionally farmed and don’t need to be shipped around the globe. This way our products are processed freshly harvested and valuable nutrients are retained. Regional cultivation also helps to minimize the carbon footprint, protects our environment and leads to a healthier lifestyle.

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Organic products

Our organic products are certified in accordance to EU 2018/848. Main products are sourced from local farmers as fresh material. Dehydration and further processing to your wishes is done at our own lines.

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Try our full-fleged Superfoods obtained from conventional and organic farming. Through finest grinding our Superfoods receive a very pleasant mouthfeel.

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Powder, granules or flakes?

You need dehydrated herbs, vegetables and mushrooms? But require different sized cuts for each product? No matter which cut size you need – we got you covered! We deliver each product in the desired cutting size.

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Dried vegetables, herbs and mushrooms from conventional and organic farming. Now available for order – in our online-shop.

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We are certified! Follow this link to view all of our certificates.

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